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September 23, 2006
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Order 66 by Jonboy2312 Order 66 by Jonboy2312
This is a remake of my old "Eriawynn as a Jedi" piece, which was deleted by some incompetent DA staff member who was obviously unaware George Lucas permits and welcomes fan work, even fan movies, even using Lucasfilm material such as soundtracks, backgrounds etc, as long as no profit is made.

Well, here's my second take on this idea. The original idea came from :iconnalafontaine: - she once started something of a little challenge for everyone - to put your original character of choice in the role of a Jedi Knight, thus creating a New Jedi Council by our common effort :)

Nala and I chose to go against the established "expanded universe" with our little Jedi project. In our own, personal view of the future of the Star Wars universe, the New Republic will bring back the best traditions from the past, starting a new era of peace (mostly) for another thousand years at least. The Sith threat have been pushed away for a long time. The restored Jedi Order, under Grand Master Luke Skywalker, will spend years restoring ancient Jedi knowledge, seeking for lost artifacts, but eventually will bring back the full glory of the Order along with their best traditions and the dress code as well. (of course the Order will be reformed a bit - as it turned out that forcing celibacy can do more damage than allowing Jedi relationships, as Anakin's example shows).

Why reject the "expanded universe"? Simply because it's gone down the wrong path, and has long passed any stretch of credibility. Where's the peace, that the Jedi and the Rebels fought and died for? The Old Republic stood for millenia, and now a new war every few years? No Sith for a thousand years, and now a DOZEN of Lukes's padawans turn to the dark side? Every writer just had to have his own "fallen Jedi", even Jacen Solo, Leia's and Han's son... Not only it's just plain wrong, it's plain ridiculous. That's just the tip of an icebergo of nonsense, contradictions, discontinuity and chaos. Sorry, but most of "expanded universe" is just a huge pile of Bantha poodoo.

Where do our characters fit in? Well, as you can see I used my character from a totally unrelated manga project I'm workin on for Kasen Comics, placing her in the Star Wars universe (this was exactly what Nala's idea is all about). Everyone seems to adore my Eriawynn, so... I thought "why not" ^^'

The Star Wars universe has hundreds of thousands of worlds ("tens of thousands", for example, were supposedly willing to join the Separatist Movement in Episode 2...). And there's even more sentient races than worlds. Only a tiny fraction of them were mentioned. And I've placed Eriawynn in that universe, inventing a homeworld for her, where who we normally call "Elves" would be a race closely related to regular, common humans, and would retain elements of their culture in, for instance, their new space-age architecture. I even came up with a backstory for her, involving Starkad in a new role, as well. I'm not going to elaborate on it here, as I think I'll reuse the story (in a new universe, though), in another manga :D

Anyway... this version of Eriawynn is a padawan during the last days of the Old Republic, her master perishes in Operation Knightfall (a.k.a "order 66"), but she survives... why neither Yoda nor Obi-Wan knew of her survival is a part of my story I mentioned earlier, and involves Starkad helping her out (and yes, a love story between the two yet again) ^^
Under the New Republic, she returns to the Jedi Order and helps Master Skywalker with her knowledge of what the Order was like before the fall...

Heh, I have to admit I really like her as a Jedi, and I hope you, fellow Deviants, like her in this role too ^^ You'd better, I was working on this piece for three days >_< Without :iconnalafontaine: 's coloring of some parts of my linearts (the buildings in the background, most of all!), it would have taken at least two more days... Whew, it's done now, though :) This scene shows Eriawynn struggling to survive Palpatine's order #66, when the clones turned against her...
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Chouncaler Palpatine, you are now classified as an enemy of the state!
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sounds amazing!
smokehunter2 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2013  Student Artist
Amazing picture. Although I think I would have proffered a picture where the clones are over whelming the Jedi. At all directions unloading everything they can.  Other than the concerned look on the Jedi's face, he seems to have this in the bag. Still great though!
Sev808 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Very nice.
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A new world order is coming!@#$%^&*()
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You can find this picture of yours in this video:
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Thanks for pointing it out :)
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I like it very much! Also, this picture is being used on Darthipedia for the Clone Trooper page. :)
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